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MODA UNIVERSE COMPETITION invites you to experience a true fashion runway, pageant, or both.  We are the only organization that allows YOU to decide your professional track.  We allow you to choose whether you want to focus on entertainment, modeling, dancing, signing, philanthropic causes, or a combination of all of them.  Most organizations will put you into their box, but we allow you to choose your box and we fill it with our wide network of resources.  2021 is the year to focus on your training and networking so you can continue opening doors, and when the pandemic is over you will be at your highest level of performance.


We embrace all. We are inclusive, not exclusive.  We standout!  Why?  Our core team is comprised of women who come from all walks of life who have worked in, as well as educated and groomed women, children, and even men in the industry.  We partner with professional women and men throughout the industry.  We believe it takes a village, and with you, we are the village.


The time is now to continue the work in advocating for positive self-image, self-love, and self-confidence while continuing to eliminate bullying and other negative things that are tearing us down.  We can provide you the tools to embrace you, and provide you with a support network that will ensure the sky is the limit!


Our prize package continues to grow with the addition of new modeling contracts, fashion photoshoots, invitations to walk-in fashion shows, magazine covers, and so much more.

All models (petite, curvy, runway, junior, teen, and international) are eligible to compete! 


*See below for our break down in each division:


Candidates will be judged in the following categories:


  • Casting or Interview

  • Swimwear or Athletic Wear

  • Evening Gown (Teen and Under)

  • Red Carpet Wear (Miss and Over and Male) 


Each age division competes in each category. 


MODA Universe Entrance fee is: $495

OPTIONAL State or Local Title - Included


  • Down payment: $250

  • Balance invoiced and due June 30, 2021



Male & Female


  • Pee-Wee (6 - 24 Months) Male & Female

  • Teeny (3-4 years) Male & Female


  • Tiny Miss (5-6 years)

  • Little Miss (7-8 years)

  • Miss Pre Teen (9-11 years)

  • Jr. Miss (12-14 years)

  • Teen (15-19 years)

  • Miss (20-35)

  • Mrs. (21 and above - married)

  • Ms. (30 and above) married, single, divorced or widowed

  • Elite (50-65 years) married, single, divorced or widowed

  • Classic Elite (66 and above) married, single, divorced or widowed

  • Curvy


Tiny Mr. (5-6 years)
Little Mr. (7-8 years)
Mr. Pre Teen (9-11 years)
Jr. Mr. (12-14 years)
Male Teen (15-19 years)
Mr. Ages (20 and above)